Term 4 - Habitats

Play this fun game from the BBC - Habitats
Build your own Habitat
Human and Animal Habitats
Know your animal habitats
Which Habitat?
Home for a frog
Team Wild
Magic School Bus Habitat Match up
Wild habitat
Animal homes
Plant and Animal habitats
Habitat Maker
Lots more habitat activities

Term 3 - Around the World

Commonwealth Games Links Table

Term Two Inquiry

Get Warm - Stay Warm

Click on this link to Tagxedo

Try some of these temperature activities

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Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 1.23.06 pm.png

Interactive Thermometer

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Term One Inquiry


This term we are going to research and learn about some disasters that have happened in New Zealand. Our focus will be finding out what challenges and dilemmas people had to overcome during these disasters. The links below will provide information about the disasters you and your partner are researching.

This website will take you
to a time line with
information about lots
of NZ disasters.
This website has lots of information
about the historical and recent
NZ disasters.
te ara.JPG\
This website has information
about some famous NZ
whats the plan stan.JPG
Find out information about what to do to keep safe
in a disaster.
Find out about what search and rescue
teams do.
get through.JPG
Find out more information
on how to be prepared for
an emergency or disaster.
Find out the latest
earthquake information
red cross.JPG
Find out about this organisation that helps in
emergencies and disasters.

Find out the latest
volcanic activity

Check for latest weather updates
and warnings here.
civil defence.JPG

View civil defence photos of NZ disasters.
Find out about the science behind some of these
natural disasters.

New Zealand disasters we are researching:

Rena Shipwreck
Mount Tarawera Eruption
Hawkes Bay Earthquake
Wahine Shipwreck
Pike River Mine Explosion
Cave Creek Disaster
Hyde Railway Accident
Tararua Shipwreck
Seacliff Mental Hospital Fire
Southland Floods
Cyclone Bola
Influenza Epidemic
Christchurch Earthquakes
Erebus Aircraft Accident
Kaitangata Mine Disaster
Abbotsford Landslide
Hawkes Bay Earthquake

Our Challenge

We are going to research a disaster and create a Powerpoint presentation about it. In our presentation we will share with the class what we have learned about the events that happened and answer some of the following questions:

  • How do natural disasters impact on the environment?
  • How do natural disasters impact on humans?
  • How can we prepare for disasters?
  • How can communities benefit from natural disasters?
  • What strategies do communities have to cope with natural disasters?
  • Can we prevent natural disasters?
  • How can people survive natural disasters?
  • What causes natural disasters?

Google Drive

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